czwartek, 8 stycznia 2015

Review of Modular Workshop System from HobbyZone | Recenzja Warsztatowego Systemu Modułowego z HobbyZone

Bishop Miniatures blog has been updated with a review and lengthy article describing refurbishing of workshop with Modular Workshop System from HobbyZone.

Na blogu Bishop Miniatures ukazała się recenzja i opis przebudowy miejsca pracy nad figurkami za pomocą nowego Warsztatowego Systemu Modułowego produkcji HobbyZone.

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  1. Don't order from HobbyZone Poland! I ordered some organizers over 2 and half weeks ago and I still haven't received what I ordered. I contacted HobbyZone customer service and so far they have been very unhelpful. Hobby zone keeps blaming the shipping company. I contact the shipping company and they haven’t even received my order for shipping yet. The fact is I ordered some organizers, Hobbyzone took my money and after over two weeks I have seen nothing! HobbyZone said I have to wait up to 3 months for my package to arrive before they will issue a refund. What a joke!