sobota, 11 października 2014

Doom Jetbiker from Puppets War | Doom Jetbiker z Puppets War

Puppets War offers new resin model in 28 mm "heroic" scale labelled as "Doom Jetbiker". This is a multi-part model from Nightmares faction, designed and sculpted by AR. You can buy it for 13 EUR.

Firma Puppets War rozpoczęła sprzedaż żywicznego modelu w skali 28 mm "heroic" o nazwie "Doom Jetbiker". Model z frakcji Nightmares został zaprojektowany i wyrzeźbiony przez AR. Cena nowości to 13 EUR.

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  1. I've wanted jetbikes for my Chaos army for a while but have also been a little unsure of the various options available. Think this is finally what I was waiting for. :-)